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Sing 2 TikTok Challenge: Building Confidence Through Music

At ETM, we believe that every student, at every school, deserves access to music education, no matter their zip code.

TikTok Audition Challenge Ad
Check out the contest rules at singmovie.com/sing2gether

That’s why we’re thrilled that Illumination, Universal Pictures, the cast of Sing 2, and TikTok are teaming up this week (through Nov 25th) to raise $250,000 for Education Through Music’s work nationwide

For every Sing 2 TikTok audition that uses #sing2gether and #contest, a $1 donation will be made to ETM, up to $250,000. Want to audition?  You can see the full contest rules (and the incredible prizes!) here.

The Power of Music

But we know that this TikTok Audition Challenge is more than just a fundraiser.  It’s also an incredible reminder of the power of music.  

Music has the power to transform. We’ve seen it in our own classrooms when a withdrawn student connects with a song or instrument, which then makes it easier for them to connect with their classmates. What’s more, music can support students in developing self-confidence, which is crucial for preparing to audition–especially a TikTok audition!

Music education also supports students in learning to express themselves creatively. As one ETM partner school student said, “I don’t think I would have discovered my true passion without Education Through Music.” Especially after nearly two years of living and learning through a pandemic, students are ready to explore new ways to express the many feelings–both positive and negative–they may have inside of them.  For so many students, music is the release valve they need right now.

TIKTOK in the Classroom

A student jumps during music class.We know that TikTok may seem like just another distraction to some folks.  But we also know that TikTok itself is a place where many students look for new music, the best dances, and fun activities.  

So rather than banishing it from the music room, many of our teachers are choosing to include it in their classrooms. Some of our teachers use TikTok to find inspiration for classroom activities, while others pull up TikTok during their classes as a way to demonstrate shared interests–and empathy–with their students.

No matter if it’s a TikTok Audition Challenge that can build confidence in our students and raise awareness for the importance of music education or just a great TikTok bop that brings a classroom together, we’re always thrilled to see music being celebrated, created, and supported by our community.


Supporting our Teachers

Without music teachers, we can’t offer music classes.

To ensure that ETM can hire and promote more teachers, we need to enhance our teachers’ compensation and resources when they work for us.

That’s why we’re raising $90,000 to make sure our teachers – and their students – get everything they need. And we can’t do it without you.

Join our Teacher Corps Campaign today.

A music teacher plays the ukulele.
Daniel Rader/Education Through Music