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Student Essay: "Preparing for My School Musical"

As told to an ETM Partner School Teacher

“Have you ever imagined standing on a stage with your friends, music playing, the band playing, your favorite music teacher and a huge audience?

Well, I experienced it!

Last year [in 2018] in my school we had a concert. The stage was decorated, students were wearing sunglasses, and it felt good to be up there in front of my family and with my friends. There were all types of instruments being played during the concert. I learned a lot about music and instruments.

While I was on the stage, I felt nervous, but it was great standing next to my friends. We all had to wear the same color. We looked good! We wore yellow and red shirts. I sat in the front of the stage because I had a solo. My music teacher taught me a special song. I held the microphone, took a deep breath, and knew that she and my family were proud of me.

As I sang the song, I remember all of the hard work it took for us to perform at the show. I remember staying after school and rehearsing. It made me feel proud of myself, my friends, and my school.

During the concert the students were singing, the band was playing, parents were cheering, and some of the kids were playing the piano and drums. I was smiling and felt happy to be on stage because I enjoy music and acting.

My music teacher selected me to be a part of the 4th grade chorus and I have a speaking role as a king named “Gilgamesh.” This is a role for my school’s musical called, “Dig it!”

I am learning so much from the music program at my school and concerts. I learned lyrics, dance moves, songs, breathing techniques and notes. All of our songs for the concert were about spring time. I also learned that being on the stage is fun. I would like to learn more about music and I also want to join my school’s 5th grade band next year.”

– Bronx partner school student, age 9

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