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“Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!”

By ETM Social Media and Content Manager Jennifer Williams

You know that feeling…

Your favorite song comes on the radio, and all you want to do is get up and dance

That beat drops and nothing can stop you from letting loose and dancing like nobody’s watching

From TikTok to YouTube, quarantine life has given us so many opportunities to get up and move!

Our music teachers have some grooves of their own to share with you! Whether you are looking for a dance to get all of your energy out, or even some movement to help you relax, check out a few of our favorite video lessons, which are sure to get you up and moving! 

Summer Dance Party! 

Stand up and Dance!

Beat Boss




Find Your Perfect Partner

Valle e Rugoves 

Chimes of Dunkirk 




Around the World 


Bate Chocolate 



Stretch and Relax 

Warm-up and Stretch