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ETM Teacher Spotlight, Davian Alleyne

Meet Davian Alleyne, a native of Barbados and a 2023-2024 ETM Teacher at P.S. 236 in the Bronx. Davian, who is an accomplished musician and is pursuing a MA in Music Education at Hunter College, shares with us his experiences as an ETM Teacher this 2023-2024 school year.

Tell us about your experience as an ETM Teacher so far this school year.

My first six months teaching at ETM partner school PS 236 (Bronx) has been a thrilling and rewarding experience. It has brought me such joy, seeing the daily impact music education is having on children from diverse backgrounds, through an equitable educational opportunity. This experience has propelled me to refine my pedagogical skills and knowledge as a Music Educator. Seeing students acquire musical knowledge, apply skills and develop attitudes, translates to their holistic development in dimensions such as self-confidence, teamwork and determination, which is a wonderful thing to see as it unfolds.

What has been a memorable moment as an ETM Teacher?

The most memorable day for me thus far, was the December 15, 2023 Winter Concert. This event showcased the impact of having music in entire school, as how it serves as a source of togetherness, pride and community for students, staff and families.

How has ETM impacted your growth as a music educator?

ETM has afforded me the space, resources, and support needed to grow in this profession. The ongoing professional development sessions, curriculum resources, mentorship and practical experiences, have also aided my MA in Music Education studies at Hunter College. I’m more readily able to take what I am studying weekly and apply it in a real world, 21st century music classroom.

To hear more from Davian, listen to Episode 15 of ETM: The Podcast where we we take a behind-the-scenes look at ETM’s unique and exemplary model at P.S. 236 in the Bronx!


More about Davian

Davian Alleyne is a native of Barbados and a graduate of the Barbados Community College and Herbert H. Lehman College (CUNY), receiving Associate and Bachelor degrees in Music with honors, respectively. Mr. Alleyne has also been awarded various certificates in music performance from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College, London and is a recipient of the John Corigliano Scholarship (Composition) and The Anglican Diocese of Barbados Scholarship (Organ). He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Music Education at Hunter College.

Davian has extensively performed Classical, Jazz, and Caribbean genres of music, recording and touring  the Caribbean and USA with ensembles such as; Saint Michael’s Cathedral Choir (Barbados), Myriad Singers of Barbados and the 1688 Orchestra. He has been active in the music industry for over a decade as a Music Teacher, Vocalist, Pianist ,Organist, Saxophonist, Arranger and Band Leader. Davian is passionate about Music Education and its power to transform the lives of students as they seek to reach their fullest potential.