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Teacher Superhero - Kelly Gentry!

By ETM Marketing and Communications Associate Jennifer Williams

In times of uncertainty, a familiar face, a treasured memory, or a favorite song can help keep us motivated.

Education Through Music teachers have been bringing that sense of familiarity to their students each and every day as they continue to learn from home.

VIDEO: Kelly and fellow teacher Joe Ottenthal lead a sing-along to “The Green Grass Grew.”

This week, we want to highlight the work of one of our superheroes: ETM music teacher Kelly Gentry.

Kelly, who teaches at P.S. 96 in the Bronx, sprung into action once she learned that NYC schools were closing in mid-March. Keeping the interests of her students in mind, she began to create virtually-adapted lesson plans, and to share resources with her fellow music teachers. Now in their third week of remote learning, Kelly’s students continue to engage with her every day through their music classes: from sing-alongs to storytime (and the occasional cameo from her dog, Piper), there are always new ways to learn.

ETM Instructional Supervisor Naomi Fernandez shared, “From day one of distance learning, Kelly Gentry has adapted her creativity, teaching skills, and musicality to fit the current social-emotional and learning needs of her students. Kelly’s ability to connect with her students in meaningful ways has not been hampered by the distance.

VIDEO: Kelly gives her tips and tricks for fellow teachers on how to create videos for students.

Kelly also created a video for her fellow teachers, on how to make the perfect video for students from your home.

For Kelly, “This has meant a chance to get out of my comfort zone in terms of adapting lessons for remote learning, as well as trying out new lessons. I have been amazed at the work my students have been submitting, from the raps they’ve created, to videos of them playing their band instruments or singing. I miss being able to see my students at school, but I’m so glad to see and hear the music they are making at home.

Folllow the link to view some of Kelly’s videos!