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Teacher Superhero - Sean Gallagher

By ETM Marketing and Communications Associate Jennifer Williams

Ever wonder what to do with those plastic eggs after Easter has come and gone? Looking for a creative way to recycle one of the many boxes you received from Amazon?

In Education Through Music’s “Homemade” series, Sean teaches students how to make instruments using household items like tape shoes.

Ever since NYC schools transitioned to distance learning, Education Through Music partner school teacher Sean Gallagher has been coming up with fun and creative ways for students to make their own musical instruments using items from around their houses.

“These times are weird, but we can work to make them wonderful too,” Sean, who teaches at P.S. 195 in the Bronx, shared.  “I think everyone is experiencing emotions unlike before. My hope is to guide this discovery of emotional output into beautiful art. DIY instruments are a way of looking at your surroundings and the people you’re surrounded with, and ‘banding’ together.”

Don’t know what to do with those left over plastic eggs? Sean shows students how to make maracas!

And so, “Homemade” was born. Sean worked with ETM staff to create innovative DIY projects students and their families can do together at home. In this series, Sean teaches you how to make a guitar out of a pasta box, tap shoes just using some tape and coins, even your own trash bagpipe

ETM Assistant Program Director Stephanie Nanetell shared, “Sean has taken this opportunity to think outside the classroom when creating engaging and joyful content for his music students. We are so grateful to educators like Sean who are bringing the joy of music to their students every week during these challenging times.  We love our teachers!”

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