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Get Animated with ETM Teacher Stephanie Rengifo

By ETM Marketing and Communications Associate Jennifer Williams

For first-year ETM music teacher Stephanie Rengifo, this school year’s biggest challenge was learning to be comfortable in her classroom.

And then everything changed. 

Welcome to Ms. Rengifo’s animated world and learn all about rhythm!

As New York City Schools transitioned to distance learning back in March, Stephanie was now faced with a new challenge: how to teach outside the classroom, all while continuing to bring high-quality music education to her students through their computer screens. 

And so, a new animated idea was born! 

What started out as an experiment turned into a new and engaging way to bring music to her students. Using an online program, Stephanie created a cartoon version of herself and her classroom, and invited  students inside her animated music class! 

Sing-along and learn about dynamics in this fun lesson with Ms. Rengifo.

Stephanie shared, “My animation videos were at first an experiment: I was trying to find my “teacher voice” in this new setting. Now, they have become a way to show all those wonderful kids that I am here for them.

Education Through Music Instructional Supervisor Joe Fusca also shared, “As a teacher, Stephanie has grown so much this year. When the shift to eLearning happened, she really had to think about what would work best for her and her students. Now her work speaks for itself! When teachers reach their students in authentic ways it’s very effective.