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ETM Partner School Students Are Getting Creative!

ETM Partner School Students Are Getting Creative!

Throughout the course of the last year, things have been tough, to say the least!

Many of our students have gone from creating music with their friends in their classroom, to being isolated from their peers, only getting to see them through a computer screen. 

We’re so excited that some students are back in the classroom, but we know that a lot of them are still learning from home, separated from their friends and teachers. 

But one thing is clear: our students’ creativity is stronger than ever!

ETM partner school students are inspired

From finding their creativity through different pieces of art and historical events, to using household items to create instruments, these students are showcasing their talents, and their creativity, through music!


Check out some of their inspiring work! 

Devindra from ETM partner school M.S. 20 created this musical composition based on a piece of art by Black artist Charles White entitled Caliban. Devindra shared “I chose this artwork by Charles White because it shows how people were enslaved and how they were treated by white people. To me it also shows that being enslaved is still happening.”


This ETM partner school student was tasked to create a rap based on something they were interested in. He decided he wanted to talk about “Fortnite,” and his results were masterful!


Using cups to create music! When ETM music teacher Sheryl Levine challenged her class to a “cup song challenge” the results were amazing, of course!



Aaron was so excited to create music for his teacher, he sent her this special video of his rehearsal!