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A Success Story

Two Sisters Find Success with Music Education

ETM believes music education as a core subject works as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school and self-confidence. Music education provides the tools necessary for students to succeed in school and life. 

For many ETM students, music was a benefit beyond the classroom; it made a positive impact that rippled throughout the rest of their lives. For two partner school students—sisters Sarah and Naomi, this is especially true. At a time when their family was experiencing hardship, Sarah and Naomi joined the orchestra at their school and began to overcome the challenges they were facing.

Naomi shared, “When my sister and I first joined orchestra in elementary school, we had to carry our instruments on trains and buses from our temporary residence in Manhattan as early as 4 a.m. in order to be in the Bronx for our 6 a.m. orchestra rehearsal. But being in orchestra gave us hope in the present and hope for the future. I couldn’t wait to start practicing because music took me to another dimension. All of my troubles and worries seemed to melt away. It seems like just yesterday when [my music teacher] taught me how to play “Amazing Grace” on my violin. I went home very excited and immediately played it for my mom. When I finished, I noticed tears in her eyes. I said, ‘I know I’m bad, but you don’t have to cry about it!’ To which she replied, ‘These are tears of joy.’”

Sarah explained, “Music has given our family a new take on life. We felt very privileged to be a part of the orchestra.  It was a blessing to our family at a time when our family fell apart. Learning new songs with my sister and playing for the pleasure of our mother bonded us. Our mother was thrilled that we became so passionate about music. She became so engrossed in our practicing that despite her desperate need for sleep before her night shift, she would stay awake watching us.” Naomi said simply, “Education Through Music has provided a meaningful education to us and our family.”

Stories like these reinforce how profoundly music education can touch a child’s life. When Sarah and Naomi and their family needed hope, music gave it to them. And they are not alone. Thousands of economically disadvantaged students now have a more promising future on their horizon because of quality music instruction.