Education Through Music, Inc.'s licensed affiliate program is intended to support communities outside of New York City that want to implement the ETM model. We currently work in partnership with one licensed affiliate:

ETM-LA, Inc.
ETM-LA, Inc. became ETM's first affiliate organization in December 2006 and partners with schools in Los Angeles.

Affiliate Program

ETM licensed affiliates are separately incorporated and managed 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations that per written agreement with ETM are authorized to do the following:
  • design and conduct programs, services and activities to implement school-wide music instruction based on ETM training guides and use its best efforts to ensure that such programs, services and activities are of the highest quality with respect to content, materials, logistical preparation, and otherwise;
  • use best efforts to enable every child at each of the Partner Schools to receive quality music instruction at least once a week throughout the school year and promote the integration of music instruction throughout the entire academic curriculum
  • build the capacity and provide for the sustainability of music programs in the Partner Schools, both culturally and financially
  • participate in conferences and provide professional development and/or advisory services to outside organizations and schools;
  • engage in charitable fund-raising, but only for purposes of financing the authorized activities of chapter in its territory
  • use materials available through ETM in support of such programs, services and activities.

To help Affiliates achieve their goals and in consideration of annual service fees, support and intellectual property licensing fees, ETM:

  • extends training and guidance to affiliate personnel and Board
  • assesses affiliate operational and program activities and provides feedback and recommendations 
  • supplies proprietary organizational and program materials
  • supplies proprietary policy and training guides for use by affiliates
  • hosts and supports licensed affiliate websites

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