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Co-Founder Eldon Mayer Retires from ETM Board

In June, ETM Co-Founder Eldon C. Mayer, Jr., retired from the Board of Directors after twenty years of dedicated service.  As fellow Co-Founder Edmund R. Schroeder aptly articulated, “If there had been no Eldon Mayer, there would be no ETM.” In the Spring of 1991, Mr. Mayer and Mr. Schroeder joined forces to found an organization devoted to integrating music education in the overall curriculum of New York’s low-income schools. Twenty years later, ETM is still going strong.

Not only did Mr. Mayer play a pivotal role in the formation of ETM, he has also been an integral force in sustaining the organization’s work. For the past twenty years, his wisdom and generosity has fueled ETM’s evolution. His commitment to the growth of the organization remains unparalleled. For instance, in ETM’s early years, Mr. Mayer hosted the organization in his firm’s office space free of charge in order to ensure that the budding organization had the proper foundation from which to grow. Mr. Mayer’s commitment to music education has helped ETM truly make a difference in the lives of thousands of at-risk New York City children.

Mr. Mayer’s contributions to ETM have inspired others. ETM Executive Director Katherine Damkohler recalls, “On a personal level, Eldon has been an inspiring mentor for me, and I admire his leadership. We attribute so much of our growth and success to his unwavering passion for the mission of ETM.”

The entire ETM community is deeply grateful for Mr. Mayer’s commitment to this organization and his remarkable two decades of dedicated service. He will always remain as Co-Founder, and ETM wishes him and his wife Betts all the best for the future.