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New Study: Long-Term Music Education for Students at All Ability Levels Improves Academic Achievement

Via PRWeb:

image_strip_2Education Through Music (ETM) released its 2014-2015 Evaluation Report this month, showing the positive effects of ETM’s comprehensive and sequential music education program on students in longtime partner schools.

This evaluation, examining 779 parent, teacher, student and principal survey results from the 2014-2015 school year as well as 1,094 students’ New York State Math and English Language Arts test results reiterated previous findings about ETM’s positive effects on academic and social/emotional development. In addition, the study indicates, “Partner schools begin to see student exam scores rise after the third year of adopting the ETM music education program,” and students who attend schools who have partnered with ETM for four or more years earn “significantly higher math and ELA exam scores than students at peer schools.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • Partner schools begin to see student exam scores rise after the third year of adopting the ETM music education program
  • Students attending schools that have partnered with ETM for long enough to meet this threshold show greater academic achievement than their peers at non-ETM schools
  • Students with disabilities at longtime partner schools earned higher math exam scores than those at peer schools
  • Students, parents and teachers report the positive effects of ETM’s music education program on social/emotional well-being
  • ETM is highly regarded by partner school personnel

“Evaluation has always been a central component of our program,” says ETM Executive Director Katherine Damkohler. “It is a valuable tool to improve the quality of our program and improve outcomes for our partner schools. We are excited that providing music education is improving academic achievement for all students, regardless of their learning abilities.”

Click here to view the full report.

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