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5 Tips to Building the Perfect Repertoire

By Stephanie Nantell

December means Winter Concert season here at Education Through Music.

These performances are an opportunity for teachers to showcase their work with students, as well as to inform, spread joy, and strengthen community within their schools and neighborhoods.  Selecting repertoire for a concert can be a very daunting task!  With so much great music out there, how do teachers know where to start?

Here at ETM we recommend using these five simple steps:

1. Vocal Ability: Repertoire must be within the skill level of your students
2. Vocal Range: Repertoire must fit the vocal range of your students. ETM has benchmarks for each grade level that help teachers understand their students’ developing vocal range.
3. Age and Content Appropriate: Repertoire must be content appropriate – think lyrics, messaging, etc
4. Relevant: Repertoire should create connection – potential connections can be to students’ cultures, other cultures, cross-curricular subjects or to what they’re learning in music class.
5. Have Fun!: Does it Spark Joy??? – Repertoire should inspire students and their audience, and deepen their love and appreciation of music.

BONUS! Here is a great checklist to help you make sure you are making the best choices to showcase your students talents!


Check out our latest video “5 Tips on Building the Perfect Repertoire” on our YouTube Channel or by watching below!